Ric Taylor

The Art and Beauty Within Wood


Artist Statement

I enjoy working in recycled wood, preserving the beauty of nature that surrounds all of us, using media that often has been rejected or disposed of by others.  This gives new and different life to elements of nature that would otherwise be destroyed forever.
There is art all around us every day in our world, but it is often covered up or disguised so that it goes unnoticed by most people.  It is up to the artist to discover what others have missed, and present it in a surprising manner that hopefully will open the eyes of others so that they may better appreciate everything around them.
In the case of my work, the wood comes from trees that have been diseased or dead, blown down during storms or removed for new construction, or recycled from other sources.  I never take a tree down just to use the wood for my own projects.  Often the surface is dirty, rotted and perforated with worm and insect tunnels.  When the bad surface wood is cut away, beautiful interesting wood is exposed.  In effect, the wood is reborn.
Cutting further into the wood, forming and shaping it, and bringing it back to a new life, the cycle of life continues in the world with each generation bringing new ways and ideas.